healing-1_zps69c98e50Shell Essences

In Shell Essences they use the term ‘nadis’. Nadis are part of our subtle energy system and look like small spinning wheels or circles of light. They form a network of energy that relates to cellular memory which is the true genius of our systems.

Nadis are important for shell essences as they access our energy system and allow the spiritual energy to be distributed as needed. There are little ‘pad-files’ which open and close and control how much spiritual energy we can handle and use.

If these are blocked we lose spiritual connection and need to do a cleanse often and regularly to keep these systems clean for our spiritual energy to ‘do its thing’. Nadis cover the surface of the body and extend about 12cms from the face and 6cm from the rest of the body. We have thousands of them but mostly around the jaw, face and neck. Many forms of healing concentrate on just these areas with specific points also used and achieve amazing results. When we are ready to die, our nadi pattern draws us back home.

When we go to sleep, our nadis go to sleep too. It is at this time that nadis can sometime be seen as a flash of light as we prepare to sleep.

When we are doing hands on healing we activate it via our nadis on the hands and other energy centres as well. When healing or creating something we love, our eyes may go glassy – that is the nadis loving us because they are having experiences with us. When healing one needs to go into this ‘glassy’ or light trance state so the channels can be activated and used, enjoy it as you help others… awesome!